General Aviation

Landing Fees

Click here to download information on landing fees as of September 1st, 2014

Non-Based General Aviation Aircraft Landing Fees Effective 6/17/2014:

$10 Minimum or $1.53 per 1000 pounds mglw

Between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, the rate is $2.31 per 1000 pounds mglw


Fixed Base Operators

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Website: Phone:631-737-0477

Mid-Island Air Service Phone:631-588-5400


Website: Phone:631-588-0303


General Aviation Services

A&P Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.

Website: • Phone: 631-588-7771

Eastern Helicopter/Helicopter Flight Training

Website: Phone: 631-467-2232

Executive Fliteways

Website: Phone: 631-588-5454

GE Aviation

Website: Phone: 631-467-5500

Global Aircraft Interiors

Website: Phone: 631-981-8470

Heritage Flight Academy

Website: Phone: 631-471-3550

International Jet Interiors

Website: Phone: 631-737-5900

Islip Avionics

Website: Phone: 631-588-3543

Liberty Jet

Website: Phone: 1.800.879.2345

North American Air Charter

Website: Phone: 631-737-4430

NY Jet

Website: Phone: 631-588-4800

2nd Wind Airpark (November Romeo, LLC)

Website: Phone: 631-588-2116



Phone: 631-467-2345