Aviation Alphabet

Navigating the airfield of an airport takes a little work, and not just because it requires piloting an aircraft. Pilots must also learn a new language so they can communicate with the Air Traffic Control Tower. Each of the letters on an airfield sign has a specific word associated with it.

For instance, at MacArthur Airport, a pilot that has just landed may be given the following information from Air Traffic Control:
Controller: Southwest flight 732 proceed on Charlie to Sierra to the Terminal Ramp. The directional signs below tell the pilot where to go.

Check out the entire Aviation Alphabet that we've spelled out for you! Just for kicks, say your last name using the alphabet.

A-Alpha N-November
B-Bravo O-Oscar
C-Charlie P-Papa
D-Delta Q-Quebec
E-Echo R-Romeo
F-Foxtrot S-Sierra
G-Golf T-Tango
H-Hotel U-Uniform
I-India V-Victor
J-Juliet W-Whiskey
K-Kilo X-X-Ray
L-Lima Y-Yankee